DTG T Shirt Printing

Direct To Garment printing (DTG), or simply “digital” is essentially a big inkjet printer for printing on garments. DTG is perfectly suited to high detail photographic images, images with a lot of print colours, or low volume orders that fall below the minimum order quantity for screen printing. DTG printing is not currently available to purchase online, so you will need to reach out for a quote.


As with screen printing, quality & finish can vary greatly depending on which company you choose to work with. We have the same outlook for DTG as we do with screen printing, which is a focus on offering the best possible quality above all else. We have put in the leg work with DTG to ensure that we can meet the high standards that are expected from us & deliver a great product.

Direct to Garment Design Examples

Preparing the Artwork

The artwork is colour corrected so RGB colours are converted to CMYK colours and checked for imperfections. The artwork is positioned in the desired place on the garment

Pretreating the garment

Before printing excess fibres are removed from the garment and pre-treatment is applied using an automatic pre-treat machine then dried with a heat-press. This allows the ink to absorb better into the garment fibres

Printing the design

The garment is placed onto the DTG printer’s platten and the preset colour and ink settings are applied. The artwork is printed at 1200 dpi which results in high quality images on the garment. We can also print over seams, pockets, zippers etc.

The final result

After another heat press the DTG printed t-shirt is ready to wear. The print looks sharp and bright and has a soft touch feel.

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